NYC Glossary

What is with all this slang? Here’s the breakdown:

Bryant Park: a park owned and maintained by private businesses, backs up to the most beautiful of the NYPL branches, has the best street ping pong, and summer/winter festivals.
Central Park Dog Moms: any dog parent who seems to be a bit intense
CitiBike: bicycles that can be rented by the hour. Never leave the docking station until your return is confirmed, lest a thief snags the bike on your dime.
Crosstown Bus: any bus that runs East/West across the island
The Great Hill: the hippest hang for Central Park Dogs
MetroCard: a flimsy reloadable paper card you swipe to ride the Subway or busses
Midtown: the middle of Manhattan (32nd-59th Street). Includes Times Square, Bryant Park, the Ghostbusters’ Library, a ton of businessfolk. Pure chaos at all times.
Pizza Rat: any rat you see carrying pizza in the Subway is a pizza rat. This happens more often than you might think.
The Pool/The Scum Pond: a picturesque pond in Central Park that is absolutely disgusting and overrun with fungi in the summer months.
Seamless: a company that delivers everything.
The Third Rail: the electrified track of the Subway lines. Going onto the tracks is a wildly stupid idea, especially because of the third rail. 
UES: Upper East Side. Beware: children may not be vaccinated.
UWS: Upper West Side. The best of Manhattan.
Wash Park: Washington Square Park, the park of NYU
YOU-ber: a very cute way to pronounce the name of that ride-share company